Margeri, raised in Estonia, began her spiritual journey at the age of 8 and later pursued art school. She lived with monks in Nepal, attended ayahuasca ceremonies, and attended various spiritual practices. Despite her corporate career in London, Margeri found her inner spiritual calling and left the corporate world. She traveled the world, wearing kimonos, and noticed her transformation. This led to the birth of KIMONOGIRL, a brand that represents liberation and power.

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We discover the exact requirements of the client.


We design the workflow and decide the time for the task.


We develop the product with the help of technology.


We deliver the work before pre-decided time to the client.

What client says

Team SITH demonstrated professionalism, creativity, and expertise from the initial consultation to the final product. They took the time to truly understand my business objectives and target audience, ensuring the website design perfectly aligned with my brand identity and goals. Communication throughout the project was seamless, with regular updates and prompt responses to any questions or concerns I had.
Margeri Ottis

Founder - Real Kimono Girl

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