Ethico is the founder of #MahimBeachCleanUp. They started with 2 people and now they have grown into a large count. Ethico has collected reusable gloves and every piece of plastic from the beach near to their home. #MahimBeachCleanUp has collected more than 10,00,000 kgs of marine litter from the Mahim shoreline. Ethico feels that people who are not afraid to make tiny and sometimes big personal changes can make a difference to this planet. Ethico also sells products that are upcycled, vegan, organic, chemical-free and cruelty-free. They ship this product in a recycled paper package printed with organic ink. Their main objective of using this reusable paper package is to  make their customers use these bags for their compost bins rather than using plastic.

Beach cleanups and eco-friendly product sellers.

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A well-organized and perfect website. Everything was completed on time, and it was a pleasure working with SITH. There is an international feel to the graphics on this page. Thanks to the whole web designing team and UI/UX team for their work on this project.
Rabia Tewari

Founder - Ethico India

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