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Bromochemie speciality chemicals, promoted by Dr N S Kumar, a scientist holding a doctorate degree in organic chemistry from the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. Dr N S Kumar has 28 years of experience in various pharmaceutical companies and has successfully completed various research and manufacturing teams. Their purpose is to “SOUND HEALTH” for all people all around the world. According to them, medicines are miraculous drugs that give good health to patients, appease the suffering and promote wellness to humankind. Bromochemie is playing a vital role in supporting the pharmaceutical company to develop and manufacture life-saving medicine.

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Bromochemie Speciality Chemicals

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We discover the exact requirements of the client.


We design the workflow and decide the time for the task.


We develop the product with the help of technology.


We deliver the work before pre-decided time to the client.

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Thank you, Sith solution and Team, for the website you have made for us. We wanted graphics for specific elements, and your Team made this possible. The UI/UX is excellent. And at last, the products are well organized and explained with the correct details.
Dr. Satish Kumar

Director - Bromochemie Specialty Chemicals

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